Generate Bindings Error


I’m walking through my first MOE tutorial and having problems generating bindings to a ListViewController. The operation is met with the following errors:

/Applications/ error: nullability specifier ‘_Nullable’ cannot be applied to non-pointer type ‘uuid_t’ (aka ‘unsigned char [16]’)
/Applications/ error: nullability specifier ‘_Nonnull’ cannot be applied to non-pointer type ‘uuid_t’ (aka ‘unsigned char [16]’)

Is this some kind of incompatibility with iOS 11.1?

Thanks for any pointers!

I’ve got the same errors but the console says ‘Build successful’ and the bindings are generated correctly. There has been a reply of the team about this issue, it is under investigation and not considered as blocker:

I can also confirm that I get this error when generating bindings but it doesn’t seem to affect the outcome of the operation. All bindings seem to work normally.


We released moe-sdk and moe-gradle 1.4.1 version

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Hi - thanks for the feedback. I have updated the MOE Android Studio plugin to v.1.4.0, however I still get the NSUUID.h errors when generating the bindings. The binding file is indeed created regardless of these errors, however the file that is generated is littered with “Cannot resolve corresponding JNI method” errors.

Can you think of anything else I may be doing wrong?



Please try with moe-gradle 1.4.1, this plugin use moe-sdk 1.4.1

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Ah, I see - I was to update the version in the ios module’s build.gradle file. I had been attempting to just update the Android Studio MOE plugin, but once I moved to 1.4.1 in build.gradle the issues went away.

Thanks for your help!

Same here. Updated to 1.4.1 and bindings are generated without errors now. Thanks!