Is it possible to use multi-os to expose java lib to IOS

I was wondering if it would be possible to use MOE to expose a java library to be used by an IOS app.

So rather than doing the UI in MOE, we wanted the UI to be done as a normal IOS app, but then the IOS developer would be able to use the business logic we have in our java library


Did you have any success in trying to make this work?

Nope, never got an answer so decided not to potentially waste a lot of time (like i did when i invested in having the app built using robovm), and instead built the app using ionic framework


It is unfortunate, that this topic fell through the cracks, and did not get an answer specifically. We try to answer every question on this forum, if you don’t get an answer for an extended period of time, you should ask again / ping the topic. We can’t provide an SLA for free support forums, but we do our best to help everyone.

However, I did answer multiple other topics about this exact same question. For example:

If you have any more questions, I am happy to answer.

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Ah I see thanks !

I’ll review using multi-os then when we do the full-featured version (the ionic one is going to be a “lite” version of the app)