MOE Update #1: Reviving the Multi-OS Engine Project - Multi-OS Engine

wow! that great!! can’t wait for the up coming release

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me neither :smiley:
Then I will look into publishing really useful code I wrote for my apps on github :slight_smile:

Glad to hear moe is reviving! Hopefully moe will support watchOS in his future update. There are true potential in this area

Quick update: I am debugging an issue with the Nat/J config file editor plugin, hope to resolve it soon and can continue with the release.


any news on that? :slight_smile:

are we there yet? :heart_eyes:

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@kisg How’s it going? You said you would be more transparent about the progress but we haven’t heard since mid November now. And unfortunately my app is really depending on further support (especially swift).


oof… it has been 13 days already since the last post. Anyone alive?


No worries WhiteLlama. I am crying with you. You are not alone.


Sorry everyone for the delays. I already synced the changes from the community branch to the moe-master branch and now the build is running. After that I will do some tests - I ran into some problems with the Nat/J Generator before, and then I will finally publish 1.5.0. I am not giving any timelines, because I don’t want to jinx this…


Yeessss you’re alive! Are there any plans for making this project more popular again? I think it deserves way more attention than flutter for example!