Failed to parse file!

I have a project that runs on both Android and iOS, everything was working fine until I try to add a CocoaPod to the iOS side.

As explained here, I created my Podfile, installed my Pod, shared my schemes, uncommented the moe.xcode values in my ios/build.gradle with the correct values, and generated the bindings.

Everything looks OK, no error until there, but when I try to run the ios project, I have this error:

From Android Studio

Execution failed for task ':ios:moeGenerateUIObjCInterfaces'.
> Failed to update Xcode project

From XCode

org.gradle.api.GradleException: Could not open Xcode project to check if it is up to date
... Failed to parse file!

I have checked, the project.pbxproj file still exists in MyProject.xcodeproj, but it has been converted to XML after pod install.

I rolled back to my project without the workspace, everything works fine again, but every time I try to convert my project to a workspace with Pods it won’t run anymore.

Any idea?

Ok, I solved my problem, I had a quite old version of CocoaPods. With the latest version (1.2.1) it works well! :slight_smile: