Realm support on current release

Hi ,am very new to MOE and confused with pod and realm integration since screens from doc shows link pod something and that one not available in current version and I need help to set up realm

Dear @thansoft,

Follow this link Using Realm on MOE

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This sample project contain Realm bindings:

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@saeed and @vighr Thanks a lot for your help.

Dear @vighr,
Thanks for the link ,can you please help me on creating and saving one sample Realm java class with primary key,if possible please explain what is done for Realm java bindings in above link ,Thank you.

Dear @thansoft,

follow this post.


Dear @saeed,
Tried this post ,when i create Person class getting errors in RealmArray ,RealmObject,Thank you.

Error :slightly_frowning_face:
fatal error: ‘RLMObject.h’ file not found and am confused with “Modify RLMObject.h, RLMResults.h and undo change’s, save again and close it.” in above post

please help me on creating single realm object and saving the same getting errors