Where are the updates?

Hello, reading the blog, visiting Twitter, I can’t find new news about the project.

I know that in 2019 there was an attempt to revive the project, but since then I haven’t found any more news.

In the Github of the project the last change in the repositories was in January of this year, we are already in October and no updates of the project, so what happened?

Currently @Noisyfox was kind enough to provide much needed updates in his “Community” branch:

In 2019 I’ve asked if there were any attempts on reviving the project. I’m still using MOE on a daily basis and it kind of hurts my feelings, that I often read people trying out Flutter, React Native, etc. and don’t know what they are missing with MOE! :hushed:

Over the last 3 years I’ve been working on a framework which enables doing even quicker apps by using MOE. But the framework still needs some work to be done before I’m going to release it.

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So far MOE is the 1 of the only 2 options (besides robovm) for us to 100% reusing some of our critical business libraries across server/android/iOS which is great since that saved us a lot of effort to write the same thing in different languages and properly tested/sync between each other, and this is the No1 reason that I want to keep this alive.

I did attempt to update the runtime to the latest android (it was 10 at that time) but as @kisg said in another thread the biggest issue is the ICU library. To be honest I don’t really mind the increasing of app size as long as it works, but it’s still a quite substantial amount of work to make the upgrade, consider how much android itself has changed over the years.

The other option is GraalVM but that’s even more unfamiliar to me, and frankly more complicated. I also don’t know if it could include the java strack trace in native crash logs (which IMO is the most important piece that is missing from current MOE). Also it’s unknown to me if GraalVM supports apple’s bitcode.

Other than that, I’m working on a personal experimental project that converts java bytecodes into pure C code, then use Xcode for compiling, so in theory bitcode should be supported, and could take advantage of apple’s own tools for optimization etc. The idea is somewhat similar to IL2CPP, and there is already another project called “CodeNameOne” that works with a subset of java features (with lots of std libs missing, no reflection etc). My project aims on bringing full java se support (at least to the same feature level as the latest android runtime), however this is no where near useable, and I could fairly confident that it won’t be as fast as current MOE, but I’ll (slowly) work on it unless I find a better solution :stuck_out_tongue:


I often think about contributing to MOE aswell! But one thing that kinda blocks me is the fact, that the whole project seems to be made of 10 or more different repositories.

Is there a way of moving all small repos (with barely a file in it) into one major repository?

You could use repo to clone the entire project at once. I was considering to make all of them into a single repository, however since the project uses lots of 3rd party libraries, it’s easier to pull updates from original repositories if keep them separated.

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