Binding generator problem (.nbc file)

Dear MOE team,

I have to add a cocoaPod to my project and i have a problem on binding when an interface declare on another interface generator can’t find them on inner interface.

what’s solution to resolve this problem ?


Dear Saeed,

can you provide us a test project that we can use to reproduce the issue?

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Dear Gergely,

This is a sample that contain all project (android and ios) (233.2 KB)

i add a Podfile on xcode dir after everything please run pod install and then go to Realm.nbc and generate binding.

In this issue we have this error ‘Realm/RLMObjectBase.h’ file not found:
this because of RLMObject.h contain a header with name ‘Realm/RLMObjectBase.h’ and generator should find it on xcode/Pods/Realm/include dir.

but its going to find Realm/RLMObjectBase.h file that’s it not placed on pod file’s.

I hope to explain this error well.

and the last thing if we resolve this problem this topic Using Realm on MOE will resolve to.

Best Regrads,

Dear Saeed, (289.1 KB)

I added fixes to binding settings and build.gradle.
Before run binding generator, need follow steps:

  • pod install
  • open project in xcode (generate scheme).

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Dear Ronald,

Its work!!!

i focused on choosing the path of and pod’s from Pods directory.

Regards for you’r best support,