Bit not clear on one of the UI tutorial

ok. got it. I think the No.3 can be ignore or switch with No.4. means… No.4 should be No.3 and No.3 became No.4

Thanks again! :grinning:

Thanks, I’m getting quite close except the import section…
but another question, once I go back to Android Studio. pointed at my iOS project and do a right click.
click Multi-OS Engine Actions but there’s no “Synchronize to Java” option…

I’m so sorry…

or I should select Generate bindings instead ?

Dear Ivan,

You need to select a header file (*.h) for this option to be available. At step 8 you created two files, MyViewController.m and MyViewController.h, you need to right-click on MyViewController.h. Depending on where you saved it, it may be under build/xcode/<projectname>.

Hi again…I’m so sorry…

Still no “Synchronize to Java” option for me…

as the picture below…

and this is my header file :

Dear Ivan,

The guide doesn’t specify where to save the Cocoa Touch Class files. The default location Xcode’s save panel provides should be build/xcode/<projectname>. The menu should be available here.

i see…ok, got it! thanks!


I’m so sorry…am I miss some things again ?

This is the error i got.

and in Step 5. It said remove ixml file in layout folder, right ?

Step 5: In the project structure find and delete the files AppViewController, MainUI.storyboard and the folder resources/layout - you will regenerate them after designing the UI in the Xcode Interface Builder.

but after the Xcode and return back to Android Studio. I don’t see any where it auto generate the ixml file…

so sorry…

a… now I can’t even open the project in Xcode…

Any ideas ?

Dear Ivan,

You get this error, because there is a layout folder, but there aren’t any ixml files in it. Please remove the layout folder too.

Hi Kristóf Liliom,

you are so amazing. really a big thanks to you…

I had removed the layout folder but look like it did not auto generate all the required files.
I can open the project in Xcode now but it did not re-generate the layout folder.

I’m so sorry… but really thank you for all your help.

Thanks again

ok, even I start another project. removed Layout folder. done all the required in Xcode.

come back , it still won;t re-generate the layout folder.
Now, my header file auto removed. haha am not sure what happen…

but I still can open my project in Xcode. I just can’t run it in iOS.

you can see my problems from the following picture. really appreciate your help

Thanks again

ok, I removed all the MyViewController.h and m files. removed storyboard as well.

Open project in Xcode. Do every things again.
Sync to Java.

there’s still no Layout folder re-generated.

now I can run the iOS app but show me black screen with black colour background.

Any ideas? so sorry


Finally I know why my header files auto removed… because I rebuild the project.

ok, but the problem still there. Create new project but Layout folder still not re-generate…

I’m still stuck at there…


Dear Ivan,

We are working on re-writing the tutorial to be much more precise and detailed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Great! Thanks! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

AND Really thanks for your quick and good support!

Big Thanks!

Dear Ivan,

The updated guide is available here. It uses a bit different approach than the original, but it should be more clear.

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wow! that great! I will try it out and let you know. Thanks


Tested and it works!!! Thank you so much!!