Failed to populate list of simulators

Could you send me the ‘.idea/gradle.xml’ file in your project?
Also you could try deleting this file, then select File -> Sync Project with Gradle Files, then select File -> Invalidate Cache / Restart -> Invalidate and Restart and see if that solves the problem.

gradle.xml (634 Bytes)

It did not help.

Could you try:

  1. Right click the root project
  2. Select Refresh Gradle project
  3. Then

Wow. This one worked!

Also there is one more thing in MOE after updating to latest XCode. After generating bindings in some classes I see build error: “cannot find symbol class Block_modifyAnimationsWithRepeatCountAutoreversesAnimations”. So every time I remove generated modifyAnimationsWithRepeatCountAutoreversesAnimations method.

Well to fix this require rebuild the SDK against the latest iOS SDK which I currently don’t have much free time to do (and properly test it). So I guess you just have to delete it every time you generate a new binding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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