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Failed to populate list of simulators


Could you send me the ‘.idea/gradle.xml’ file in your project?
Also you could try deleting this file, then select File -> Sync Project with Gradle Files, then select File -> Invalidate Cache / Restart -> Invalidate and Restart and see if that solves the problem.

(Andrii Meretskyi) #25

gradle.xml (634 Bytes)

It did not help.


Could you try:

  1. Right click the root project
  2. Select Refresh Gradle project
  3. Then

(Andrii Meretskyi) #27

Wow. This one worked!

Also there is one more thing in MOE after updating to latest XCode. After generating bindings in some classes I see build error: “cannot find symbol class Block_modifyAnimationsWithRepeatCountAutoreversesAnimations”. So every time I remove generated modifyAnimationsWithRepeatCountAutoreversesAnimations method.


Well to fix this require rebuild the SDK against the latest iOS SDK which I currently don’t have much free time to do (and properly test it). So I guess you just have to delete it every time you generate a new binding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: