Is documentation being updated anytime soon?

The only remotely up to date tutorial I could find was this post by a third party:

It’s great, but then again I doesn’t really help to understand the framework’s basics to move away from the “hello world” app. The example repo helps, but I find it pretty hard to adjust them if your don’t understand how they were built.

Are there any plans to provide updated docs anytime soon? Anywhere I can look for info on how to create create my own bindings?

Agreed, we need up to date documentation. If you’re looking for explanations on how to create third party bindings with new versions of MOE, I wrote some - I hope in depth - steps there : Using Realm on MOE .

These come from various instructions I found on this forum, that I put together in a comprehensive list for creating third party bindings from an iOS SDK.


I’d love to understand that better, in particular I’m trying to use realm but would like to understand better how MOE works to see if it can become the game changer it could be.

And of course help provide better docs and OSS bindings to start building a thriving community!

I don’t know on what specific points you need more information, you can also check the NatJ documentation for a brief look at how the bindings generation works :

It gives a pretty good first explanation on how MOE works, although it can be quite… hard to approach if you never worked with this kind of library, or worked with creating bindings, it’s a very specific field. I hope that helps while we wait for the MOE team to produce proper documentation for the latest releases. But honestly thus far, aside from the severe lack of documentation, we’ve been very impressed and satisfied by MOE for our game. It works wonderfully well to create bindings for all our third party iOS SDKs, this way we can code 100% in Java and never take a look at the Xcode project or Objective C, focusing on interfacing with our Java core code.

Dear Maxime,

thank you for this great testimonial of MOE. It has always been our goal to provide an easy to use way to access all of iOS, right from the Java ecosystem.

Documentation very much needs an overhaul. We have been working on it for some time now, and it takes longer than we originally planned, but we will release it as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

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Totally agree, MOE is the library I was waiting for soo long. Amazing job Migeran! can’t wait for the coming features !

Dear MOE community,


just awesome! on behalf of all noobs, thanks a lot!

Just giving a bump to the issue, are there any updates?

sorry to be a pain, but being able to learn by yourself how to use the library is essential if we expect people to adopt MOE. I myself have a very limited understanding and haven’t been able to pass the “hello world” stage. Really looking forward to being able to build new projects using MOE, but I do need some documentation to back it up.