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Is Multi Os Engine alive?

(Thansoft) #21

please give something as preview

(Thansoft) #22

how long we would wait for new release?,make it fast we are waiting .

(Thansoft) #23

:roll_eyes: any updates available?

(Thansoft) #24

feeling tired of watching …:frowning_face:

(Thansoft) #25

Any update ?,when we can expect an update ?

(Graham B) #26

I looked at the github and the last time anything was updated was April 6th. Almost 3 months ago now. It could be that the devs just haven’t pushed their code but I’m not sure. Either way it doesn’t look promising.


@kisg is there any way we could get a quick status write-up from somebody on the team? We don’t have to have details and exact dates for things, but a simple confirmation that MOE is still alive and well would be great.

You guys have done a great job with MOE and I hope it keeps going strong :smiley:

(Ivan) #28

Any news yet? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Ivan) #29

Any updates :sweat_smile:


Yes, please Gergely… Can you reassure us that the project is still in development? For the purpose of future development planning, this would be very helpful.


Experiencing pressure to port our project to Cocos2d-x from what we’ve already completed in MOE, due to the perception of uncertainty regarding MOE’s development. Any news or updates you can provide would be a big help.

(Ivan) #32

Alternative, use Flutter. since it can link Java jar library as well

(Gergely Kis - Migeran) #33

Hi Mike,

sorry for being silent for so long.

In the past few months our team was working on 2 major projects:

  • React Java: here we are ready to publish the early access version, it basically requires the signoff from me. This did not happen until now due to
  • A different project in the AR space. This is not directly related to MOE, although there are synergies in technologies used in both projects. I can’t provide more information on this at this time, but I will do as soon as I can.

We have also been doing very interesting technology research into MOE’s future. I know this is vague, but it is a complex topic, and I still need to summarize it.

Unfortunately, balancing the above projects proved difficult from a time management perspective, and could not keep in touch with the MOE community the way I wanted.

I will provide updated plans and roadmap for MOE, as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

(Ivan) #34

How nice if MOE can follow Swift calling method instead of follow Objective-C calling method as most of the examples follow Swift language.


(Ivan) #35

anyway, glade to hear the project still alive :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

big thanks