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Reduce ipa size near 50 %, can MOE support 64 bit only?

(radxe) #1

Hello, @kisg , because apple iOS 11 support 64 bit only, can MOE just support 64 bit, from the MOE framework and app, this will reduce nearly 50% app size.

in fact , iOS 9, iOS 10 support 64 bit, from iPhone 5s, iPhone support 64 bit, so I think we just 64 bit is no problem.

(Gergely Kis - Migeran) #2

Hi @radxe,

I think when you build from Xcode and the Xcode project is set up to only support arm64 then we will only compile dex to 64bit binary, but we have to double check. We can add an option to the Gradle plugin to specify the target build architectures.

Best Regards,

(radxe) #3

dear @kisg, I tried, moe framework has 26.6m, when build moe framework with 64 bit only, moe framework has 13.8 m, so just framework , the reduced size is 12.8 m, so I means not only app but also moe framework all need to be built just for 64 built, you may be just give a option, or default to build 64 bit,

btw, moe framework is only 13.8, but a simple hello.world need another 20.5m,so the app need nearly 35m, why the app is so large compare to moe framework?

if moe app size is reduced, it is very good tool compare to kotlin native

proguardlevel use all

(Gergely Kis - Migeran) #4

Hi @radxe,

we just released a new version of the plugin (1.4.2), which includes this feature. If the valid architectures are set in the Xcode project to arm64 only, we will use lipo -thin to remove the arm32 version of the framework.

This new version changes the scripts included in the Xcode project, so you will need to use “Refresh Xcode project” from your IDE plugin or use ./gradlew moeUpdateXcodeSettings

Best Regards,