Sometimes on some phones the entire phone gets stuck on our MOE app launcher


I don’t know if it’s because of MOE or not, but on some customers iPhones we are getting a weird behaviour that when launching the app, it get’s stuck on the launcher, and actually the entire iPhone gets stuck, even the home button doesn’t respond to clicks. The only way out is to force a restart with a long press on the power button…
And after the restart it still keeps happening on those specific phones when launching our app.
It seams to happen only on few specific phones consistently, while on others it always works fine.

What can cause this?

Any help would be appreciated.


Dear Alex,

could you please give us detailed descriptions about the devices where this issue is present?

Best Regards,

It happened on 3 iPhone 6 … But on other iPhone 6 devices it works fine. Maybe some of them are 6s, I’m not sure.

Hi, I’ve just witnessed this happen live, it was on an iPhone 6 (not 6s) with iOS 8.1.3 .
I have the crash log and the console print out… I also ran your Calculator sample on that phone, and it also stuck the entire phone… In Instruments the app seems to reach 100% CPU… And it doesn’t event reach our code, not even the appDidFinishLaunching in the main class…
Unfortunately I don’t have the phone anymore, because it belongs to the customer. But I hope it will reproduce easily on iOS 8.1.3…

Hi Alex, please upload the crash log and the console log.

See attached logs: (26.3 KB)

As it is pretty much impossible to downgrade an iPhone to iOS 8.x I’m unable to confirm whether this is happening only on iOS 8… I will try it on the 8.1 simulator, at least that is still available.

We have one phone with iOS 9.3.5 here and it doesn’t happen on it…

We have an iPhone 4s here with iOS 8.3 … But it doesn’t happen on it either.

Doesn’t happen on iPhone 6 iOS 8.1 Simulator

This also happened now to a customer with iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 8.2
So my guess it happens on iOS less than 8.3. I know that in 8.3 there were some big OS bug fixes so this makes sense.
This keeps happening to our customers, can you please look for a solution?

Why is upgrading to iOS 9 or iOS 10 not an option for the customers?

That is not really our decision you know… Some people are “afraid” of upgrading the OS…

Also, for some of old devices it is not possible anymore. My 1st gen ipad mini stuck with ios 9.

I know but how do they feel about unpatched security bugs?

iOS 9 is not a problem, using MOE on an iPhone 6 with iOS 8 (and an early version of iOS 8) is triggering a bug in iOS, causing a full system lockup.

It is usually very “untechnological” people, so they are not aware of such things, and it is really not our goal or business to make them upgrade iOS…
Is it possible for you to fix this issue? Can you reproduce it?