Any moe2.x message?

hello, are there any moe2.x message? so long has no messages about moe2.x.

Also curious about this. Can’t wait for stack traces and smaller binary size :slight_smile:

Any MOE developer and support ?! :unamused: :sob:


We will provide updates in the next days. We are working on multiple projects (some of them MOE related), and we are preparing to make some really interesting announcements. Due to this we had to shift our MOE 2.x development plans a bit.

The alpha 1 sources were not yet released because we wanted to do some important refactoring to make the development easier going forward. I will provide more details in the status update.

Please also keep in mind, that MOE is a community supported open-source project, so we cannot make hard commitments about the schedule. If you need a specific feature quicker, then you have the option to sponsor the development of that specific feature.

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ah ah, you make me wondering what these new announcements could be… :slight_smile: Eager to know more.

Hello, kisg,
any interesting announcements?


Any news about 2.x yet? Can’t wait for that.

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same here, drooling over the news of MOE 2…