App got stuck when I add navigation controller

My all got is running well except the navigation controller, as soon as I add navigation controller and when I got redirected to LIbGDX core game screen it got stuck, I want to add the navigation because otherwise, all View controller got present instead of push. Here is the diagram of my storyborad.

As shown in the image if I add theinitial point as navigation controller and embed splash controller into it then until the game screen open everything works ok, but as soon as game open it got stuck. Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 9.03.04 PM

How does your setting looks like in the inspector?

It should have the correct custom class “IOSGLKView”
Don’t be irritated by “EXT_” that’s because in my project I’ve extended IOSGLKView to have some custom modifications made to it.