App store IPA size vs Dev IPA size (on build machine)


Since upgrading to MOE 1.3 our App Store IPA size became twice as large as the Dev IPA size.
The Dev one is 45MB and the App Store one is 80MB. (In MOE 1.2 they were both 45MB)

Eventually in Test Flight or the App Store the size is the same as before, I’m talking about the size on disk on the build machine.
It’s not a huge problem, but it does take more space on our Nexus repository and uploading to App Store takes more time…

Is this intentional or a bug?


I’m guessing here but maybe the App store IPA has both 64 and 32 bit binaries and the dev only one?

Yes that is my guess too, but this wasn’t the case in moe 1.2, so what changed? Is this configurable maybe?