ARKit not working in MOE app


I’m trying to integrate ARKit in application built with MOE (version 1.4.0, running on iOS 11).
The problem is that regardless of how exactly ARSession is created (manually or inside ARSCNView),
it processes only ~20 video frames and then freezes.
Sample code can be found here: (same code in pure Objective-C application works as expected, ARSession updates continuously)

Hi Kirill,

thanks for the report, we will take a look.

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Hi kirillpilyugin,

I’m using libgdx and initialize an ARSession by myself and it doesn’t freeze. I will have a look into your code. The next thing you will have is the missing methods and properties of the ARCamera (e.g. the intrinsic and extrinsic camera parameter).


Hi Raimund,

Thanks for reply, I’ll appreciate any help with that.

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The only thing that appears in log when camera preview freezes is following:

[Technique] World tracking performance is being affected by resource constraints [1]