Benchmark comparing MOE with native Android


I’m creating a multiplatform UI API based on libGDX, and using MOE on iOS.

In Android, the code runs very well and fast. On my iPad 3 with iOS 9.3.5 (2012 device), it runs about 2x slower, comparing to a low-end ZTE L5 Android 5.1 smartphone.

Here are the results of my tests (ZTE / iPad):

Graphics: 246 / 282
Loop: 147 / 141
Field: 18 / 96
Method: 83 / 270
Array: 429 / 613
String: 1620 / 2623

Times are in millis and the lower, the better.

Am i missing something here? Are there anything i could do to improve the MOE’s performance?

The code is attached. I can provide access to the whole API if needed.

thanks in advance (7.3 KB)