Binding for iOS "Fallback to indirect super class" (libgdx)

Hello there,

I just downloaded latest version of moe plugin into my IntelliJ idea. Created a new libgdx project with its latest project generator jar.

I created bindings for UnityAds with the help of moe contextmenu. I used Headers option, Framework option couldn’t make it.

I’m working on simulator. Whenever I use UnityAds by its binding Java class, it gives me that “/Users/rolandvigh/Migeran-1.3/moe/natj/natj/src/main/native/natj/ WARNING: Binding class refers to class UnityAds, but it can not be found. Fallback to indirect super class.” and crashes.

Then I opened the project in Xcode, added “-ObjC” to the linking for both debug and release. This did not make any difference.

I’m far away from iOS development and Objective C.

Waiting for some help…



Did you link in the UnityAds framework into your Xcode project? The error message means that Nat/J can’t find the corresponding Objective-C class, so this seems like the classes are missing from the built app.

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It worked after adding frameworks in Xcode project. Thanks!