Bindings, AdMob, how to get the header constant to the binding, kGADSimulatorID for the testing

I am generating the new binding for the google AdMob and I found a problem when I want to get the simulator ID from for Google AdMob framework.
The bindings are generated ok, but the process won’t create Objective-C constants, aspecialy the one with the magic number of the simulator id used for the testing settings of the AdMob in the simulator.
It is an int type value in the header
Is there any way how to get these constants generated into the bindings? Something like final static int value Or any way arround, so I can setup the simulator and test the ads in moes?


These methods can be found in the ‘’ class:
public static native String kGADSimulatorID()
public static native String kDFPSimulatorID();

Please see:

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