Cannot open Xcode from Android Studio


Trying to port a LibGDX project to IOS.

Anyway, In Android Studio, when i click “Open project in Xcode”, i get an error “Neither the Xcode project nor the workspace is set in the Gradle plugin”.
Any help here ?

It could be your project is created with MOE 1.2.x and you use MOE plugin 1.3.x in android studio. Or vice versa.

Dear @descartes,

Maybe problem is about your xcode version.
Chech it and then open your gradle config and make sure you choose 2.14 gradle version. (Update your setting)
At last if you can’t open xcode recreate your project.


Dear @descartes
I got the same this error now. Did you resolve it yet?
Could you please help?
Thank you so much!

No, and I’ve abandoned this solution and moved to MobiVM

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Thanks @descartes!
I update my Java version, java home… then it works fine.
And now, adding Firebase for iOS module driving me crazy. MOE doc and guides are so poor & old