Cocoapods tutorial/example

I am porting an existing Android app to ios and going trough a tough learning curve for ios APIs, libraries, build process and publishing.

Are there existing step-by newbie tutorials how to use 3rd party components, e.g. distributed with cocoapods? I’m, most interested in Charts [1] and Material Components for iOS [2].

Also, are there tutorial for building a release app publishing to Apple App Store?

Thank you



Dear Eugene,

currently there are no such tutorials, but we are planning on making them.

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I am currently struggling with executing project created with MOE 1.2 on device.

I tried to update gradle build to use 1.3, but was not been able to make build pass. It is failing on some missing files. Are there simple steps to move from generated Xcode project to a static one for 1.3?


Dear Eugene,

In out blogposts we have created a quick upgrade guide for this:

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I’ve tried that several times… Had to look into the gradle 1.2.5 plugin sources to figure out that build.gradle section have to look like this:

xcode {
    generateProject false
    mainTarget 'ios'
    testTarget 'ios-Test'
    xcodeProjectDirPath 'xcode'


So step #5 in your migration instructions works - Clean and rebuild your project with MOE 1.2 (and make sure everything still works).

Then after changing gradle plugin version to 1.3+ the xcodeProjectDirPath property has to be changed to this:

    project 'xcode/ios.xcodeproj'

Hope that will save time to other users.