Command line exportArchive using exportOptionsPlist fails with 1.3 release

We have an automated build server that was working with the 1.2.5 release, creating IPAs using the method described here:

This is not working after upgrading to MOE 1.3, there is an error when exporting the archive:

Error Domain=IDEDistributionErrorDomain Code=14 “No applicable devices found.” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=No applicable devices found.}

More details in IDEDistribution.standard.log:

“Failed to verify bitcode in MOE.framework/MOE:\nerror: Bundle only contains bitcode-marker /var/folders/vb/zpw1mfn94yj6rq6s7byp403r0000gn/T/IDEDistributionThinningStep.qN8/Payload/ (armv7)\n\n”;

A workaround is to use the deprecated ‘-exportFormat IPA’ instead of ‘-exportOptionsPlist’, looking at the moe-gradle plugin source this appears to be what it is using internally.

The problem can be reproduced with a simple project created Multi-OS Engine. Just create a new project, configured automated code signing, and try to export an archive as described in the link above.

Is this an known issue?