Compatibility with iOS 8.1.2

I’m not able to get any MOE applications to run on my iPad (currently running iOS version 8.1.2)

e.g. if I try to run the tic-tac-toe demo, I get stuck on a black screen with a tiny green square in the top left corner.

It seems to be working fine with my iPod Touch which is on iOS 9.

Any suggestions or advice?


we no longer have a device with iOS 8, our earliest device runs iOS 9.3, so we are not testing with iOS 8 currently. Earlier, when iOS 8 was current, we had MOE running on it, and we did not change anything that would make it impossible to run on iOS 8.

If someone needs iOS 8 support, and is willing to sponsor its development, then we are happy to do it.

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Unfortunately I’m not able to update to a newer iOS version without losing my untethered jailbreak, this is the only working iPad that I own and the budget isn’t available for me to buy another :frowning:

Do you have any suggestions for if there is some way I could diagnose or debug the issue I’m encountering? I don’t mind looking into the issue myself but I’m not really remotely sure where to begin :confused:

First, you should compile your own debug SDK by following the procedure here (you should read all 3 links):

Then, you should see more detail on why it crashes when you debug from Xcode.

Also, you can regenerate the iOS bindings for iOS 8.1.2, because that could be the issue (newer classes missing on your device). The description is here:

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Thanks, I’ll have a play around with this :slight_smile: