Does anyone have an example how to call String format, Object… varargs) and its variants CLSNSLog and CLSLogv methods from Java? Anything I’ve tried in varargs param caused app crash. So, I could not get any logging to work.

Tried to ask it in crashlytics topic without any luck. Trying it as a separate topic now.

Hi Eugene,

thanks for the report. I saw your previous message in that topic, but somehow I thought it was already answered. :slight_smile:
Maybe we should close old topics, so we encourage the creation of new ones?

Variadic functions are supported, hence the @Variadic annotation. Could you provide us with a simple test project exhibiting the problem? Which version of MOE and the Crashlytics bindings are you running, and on which version of iOS?


Thank you Gergely. I will make a test project in a few days.
Though not sure if it has anything to do with @Variadic. I think it is my lack of understanding of iOS string templating used by Crashlytics there and/or type of params in varargs (I tried both String and Mastering).

Hi @ekuleshov,
Did you resolve this yet? We’re now facing the same this issue.

Really hope you can help us.
Thank you so much!

I haven’t got time to create a sample project for Gergely as he requested above.