Debugger variable are confused

Hi - I just experienced some application crash when using the debugger (closes brutally). Moreover, the debugger in Eclipse (neon) seems to be confused by the data returned by the app. See the screen shot bellow, thinking that one of my object, from my own class, is a sockettimeout. Sometime, it shows it as an instance of Socket.

Hi Phil,

did you see this behaviour on Eclipse Mars as well, or only on Neon? Sadly, Neon seems less stable than Mars.

While I can’t be sure that this is not an MOE bug, it does feel more like a bug in the Eclipse debugger itself, because all the MOE plugin is doing is launching the simulator / device and then connecting the Eclipse debugger to the correct remote JDWP port.

Do you have a reproducible test case that we could use to debug this?

Best Regards,

Hi Gergely
For the record, it seems that only the last variable is confused. I’ll try to get a use case and show that to you.