Developing on Windows machines with MOE

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one question to the developers. I see there is a path to use a Windfows plattform and SSH to an Apple machine to develop projects. Can this be achieved with Eclipse and the plugin on Windows as well ?

If so can I use a VMed Apple OS/X

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Dear Sven,

yes, developing on Windows is supported, and yes, it works with Eclipse as well.

You can run the OSX in a VM, but you need to check the OSX license, if you are allowed to do so.

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Dear Gergely,

so I am able to develop in Windows under Eclipse and when I push the Run in Eclipse button the code gets transfered to OS/X machine via SSH and the IOS simulator is triggered and the ios app runs on the simulator ?


Dear Sven,

the last step is not supported currently. You can only use the remote system to build you application. After the build the built app will get transferred back onto Windows where it can be launched on a real device.

I see. So I am able to keep all sources and do development in Windows. The build takes place in OS/X. Why can’t the app be loaded onto the simulator ?
Are there plans to support the simulator.

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