Does Multi-OS Engine works on apple watchOS?

Hey everyone,

I am looking to buy a Apple watch for java/kotlin development purposes.
But I need to know first if Multi-OS Engine is going to work on apple watchOS like iOS. Does all native watchOS classes are also supported?
Did anyone gave a try on that one?


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Dear berserkore,

Currently WatchOS is not supported, because it requires Bitcode support.

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What is Bitcode support? And how is it different from Android Wear runtime…

I think @kisg is saying that MOE has no JVM bindings implemented over watchOS so far. Hopefully, it is on their roadmap :slight_smile:

That’s not it. It’s not a lack of JVM bindings, Bitcode is one of the target platform of xcode, like arm or x86, but it’s virtual.
When you compile your code with Bitcode the device can translate the code to native instructions while installing.
It allows Apple to run the same apps on different architectures without the need for developers to support different targets.
It’s more or less the same principle behind Android apps with their DEX code or Java with the Bytecode.
MOE (and RoboVM too) does not support this target at the moment.

More info here:

Will MOE support this one day ?