Eclipse Plugin: MOE Home not found

I have a multi platform project that I build using maven and launch using Eclipse. Everything worked, but then I closed Eclipse and restarted it. When building the project, I got an error stating that it cannot found MOE home. And no easy way to recover.
I finally went to the .moe directory. deleted it and it started to work again. I attached the file bellow if that helps. Note that the forum does not allow .log or .txt extensions (!) so I renamed it .html. But it is plain text.
log.html (58.3 KB)
It also shows an Android but this is unrelated, I guess. Once the Android issue was resolved, MOE still had the problem even after restarting eclipse.

Hi Phil,

we are looking into this.

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Thanks no problem - I’m not blocked as deleting and re-creating .moe fixed the issue.

Ok, this looks like an Eclipse bug.

We were able to reproduce the issue, but only if we were launching Eclipse in development mode (that is: launching from another Eclipse), and the “clear workspace” option was selected. It looks like Eclipse will traverse symbolic links it founds in the workspace, and wipes their content…

Our build system has a symbolic link from the build folder to the used sdk, and that is probably the reason why your SDK got wiped out.

Is it possible, that you previously did a workspace wipe (like above), before starting “clean”?

I think this is a pretty serious bug in Eclipse, but more tests are needed to determine the full extent of the bug (e.g. does it also happen when a user decides to remove a project, or only when a new eclipse instance is launched … etc.)