Enabling native resolution


When i run my libgdx application with Moe on iPad3, i get at startup:
scale: 2

The config scale* parameters are all set to 1.0f. How can i make it run on native resolution? From google i found that you must add the correct startscreen, but i couldn’t realize how to do that.



DOH, i just saw a warning on XCode stating about the miss of a retina4 png to enable such native resolution! However, it didnt work.

Are there any chances that the message is incorrect? Because i get this in the logs:

IOSApplication 3 scale: 2.0
IOSApplication 3 Status bar is visible (height = 20.0)
IOSApplication 3 Total computed bounds are w=1536.0 h=2048.0

And 1536x2048 is the native resolution.

I may have misunderstood what scale is. Maybe it is the multiplier you must apply to compute pixel values. For example, status bar height is 20 * 2 = 40 pixels.

Does anyone knows where the value 2 in “scale: 2” comes from?