EXPERIMENTAL: Testing LibGDX with MOE 1.1.x

Now, thanks to the great support from the LibGDX developers (Tom-Ski in particular), MOE 1.1.x works with the development branch of LibGDX. Read on to find out how to test it:

  1. Download the nightly build of the gdx-setup.jar from here
  2. Launch it as usual with java -jar gdx-setup.jar
  3. Fill out the fields according to your needs, make sure you select the ios-moe backend, and generate the project.
  4. In the generated project’s build.gradle file change the gdxVersion to 1.9.5-SNAPSHOT
  5. Import the project into Android Studio as usual
  6. Create the Multi-OS Engine run configuration for the ios-moe module
  7. Run and Enjoy!

Please let us know if you run into any trouble with LibGDX and MOE.

If you already have a libgdx project that uses the older MOE build, you will need to replace the Xcode project with the one generated by the new gdx-setup, and also modify the build.gradle file to use the new MOE Gradle plugin instead of the old one.

We will update the official MOE LibGDX sample soon, to use the new project layout and LibGDX.


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