EXPERIMENTAL: Try out the new SDK today!

For those, who can’t wait for the new Maven based SDK to arrive, you can try out a preview today.

We uploaded experimental builds of the Multi-OS Engine Android Studio plugin to the JetBrains repository and the new Gradle plugin is now on JCenter. The SDK will be downloaded automatically by the Gradle plugin from Bintray.

To try it out, execute the following steps:

  1. Remove the current version of MOE.
  • For Intel Builds: Run /Applications/intel/multi_os_engine/uninstall.app
  • For the OSS build from GitHub:
    1. Remove the MOE plugins manually from Android Studio
    2. Remove the MOE_HOME settings from .bash_profile
    3. Remove the MOE_HOME environment variable from the system with launchctl
      launchctl unsetenv MOE_HOME
    4. Remove the launch plist
      rm -f $HOME/Library/LaunchAgents/org.moe.environment.plist
    5. Remove the MOE_HOME entry from ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.dt.Xcode.plist (edit it with Xcode)
    6. (Optional) Remove the SDK installation folder
    7. Reboot
  1. Install the “Multi-OS Engine Plugin” from the standard JetBrains plugin repository (just search for it)
  2. If you use the MOE UI Designer, install it separately. (This plugin is currently under review by JetBrains, should appear soon)
  3. Enjoy! Just open Android Studio and create a new project.

Please note, that the new Gradle plugin has a bit different configuration than the old one. The tasks and settings are currently documented here: https://github.com/multi-os-engine/moe-plugin-gradle

The samples on GitHub on the moe branch were already updated, so you can just clone that repository, and import the sample . The MOE Gradle plugin will automatically download and install the SDK under $HOME/.moe/moe-sdk-$VERSION.
This means, that you will be able to use multiple SDK at the same time in different projects.

There are a few known issues, that we intend to fix before the official release, you can track them on GitHub.

If you run into any problem with the new system, please post them here or as a GitHub issue.