First use of plugin But not Working

hi all :slightly_smiling_face:

i download the multi-os-engine Plugin and i follow all this instruction in the link

but at the end i can not design the UI for ios App because the project file not there ! see photo below
and i can not run the emulator see the erore in the photo

07 PM

i am using
macOS High Sierra 10.13.2
Android Studio 2.2.3

thank you

the App is hello World

Try using JDK 8 or earlier, I don’t think MOE works with Java 9. Version numbers reported by Java changed between 8 and 9:

  • Java 8 and earlier: 1.8.0_131
  • Java 9 and presumably later: 9.0.1

thanks Alan for your reply :slight_smile:

i remove my JDK 9 through Terminal completely
i install JDK 8u161 then i try MOE but stil same problem (the ios App files not showin
i try JDK 8u162 and JDK 7

same problem

please Advice :pray:

Bb is the ios App

51 AM

Java Version as below

40 AM

Finally Bulid sucsefully
After i delete the project and make new heloworld app
but still remining files not showin…

But there is another essue

When i tray to open the ios project in xcode this masseg appare


Dear All,

We just released a new Gradle and IDE plugin builds that update the Gradle requirement to 4.2.1 or later, which already supports Java 9. According to our tests Java 9 should work with the new version. By “should work” I mean it will compile the code, but you still have to target your code as before for Android 6 + some Java 8 features supported by Retrolambda.

Best Regards,

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