Future of Multi-OS Project

I wonder whats next the long awaited update or the announcement that MOE wont be continued?

There’s already a thread about this here:





I believe they are busy with their company project at the moment…

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it might be awesome if this project could be completely open source, so that every motivated user here could contribute to the project (to be honest). Not very cool not knowing about the future of MOE… :frowning:

it is open source …:sweat_smile:

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forget what I’ve said :smiley: But it’d be great to see someone else doing the project management, since migeran is not very communicative…

Was there even any post from the support team since summer? Is there anyone working on the project anymore? Is it dead? Can please some Intel-guy give us some information. I mean my apps depend on this project.

There;s no more Intel… only Migeran… so far… don’t think there’s any volunteers involved…

Ohh man! So basically no one is working on it anymore?

Yes, Migeran team is working on it…but… they are quite busy lately, I guess…

I am not sure if they will return to this project ever again. Doesn’t seem so to me.

Also, the contact-link is dead already (https://multi-os-engine.org/support/).

I wrote them here (https://www.migeran.com/p/get-in-touch). No response at all.

MultiOS users should be pretty worried about the next iOS update!

any news on that issue?

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