Hello, I’m using libgdx in their game. Running the game on IOS method""), which should open the link in a browser, always returns false, then the link will not open. What could be the reason?


We sent a pull request to libgdx, that fixes this issue:

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Thank you, but how can i use that fixes?

It was merged to libgdx master 12 hours ago. It will be in today’s nightly build, or you can build it yourself. In both cases you will need to set the gdx.version to 1.9.6-SNAPSHOT.

One more note: LibGDX 1.9.6 requires MOE 1.3, so if you were not using MOE 1.3 before, you should check the Upgrade guide, it has a few LibGDX specific notes as well.

Thanks, I have same problem :slight_smile: