General question about port to Open Source

Great work guys with the port to and release as open source. And, great work on the whole product in general. You have all done great work.

This question is more of a curiosity about the process of how MOE has moved to open source. As host of the project, does this mean that Migeran is now the only company involved and Intel is no longer working on MOE? Or are both companies contributing? I see Intel does still have a MOE page.

Again, it is more out of curiosity that I ask. In the old forums, you have all been very helpful (those from both Intel and Migeran) and I hope you will all still somehow be able to stay involved if you wanted to.

me too. well, at least and IF Migeran still continue the great job!
I don’t mind to pay a yearly subscription fee to support this project and also support Migeran or and Intel team.

since we can’t depend on Oracle… so, this is the one! after RoboVM destroyed by MS.

Migeran , you are the man