Google Ads w/ LibGdx

I’m having issue with running the application, it says the error

[GADMobileAds configureWithApplicationID:]: unrecognized selector sent to class

And I don’t know what to do, I searched everywhere and tried anything, but I continue to get this error
I’m using moe-gradle 1.4.4
Any hint?


there can be many reasons for this. In order to help, we would need a minimal example app with source code that reproduces the problem.

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You had been very kind, but I just realized that the problem was that GAD SDK was not updated (since cocoapods doesn’t detect the newer version past 7.3.4), once i specified the the new version ("pod googlesdk ~7.9.0) and remade everything, it worked
If i can give a suggestion, i would point that cocoapods doesn’t always update the dependencies properly, since coming up with this fact would resolve a lot of problems
Moreover, can i ask you when moe 2.0 will come out?
Thanks in advance