Gradle library module

Hi, moe team! I think there should be moe-library module type. I need module for my projects which use moe apis but not an application module. Now I use

apply plugin: 'moe'

and it contains a lot of unusable tasks for library module. For example: moeLaunch and so on.

Or it should be possible to set dependency on moe api in dependencies section.

Dear zufarfakhurtdinov,

there is:

apply plugin: 'moe-sdk'

moe.platformJar: File for iOS binding classes
moe.sdk.coreJar: For for MOE’s Android classes

From Doc:

There are two Gradle plugins:

  • moe-sdk: this plugin ensures the MOE SDK is installed on the system and exposes the moe extension for
    accessing its properties.
  • moe: this plugin does the same as moe-sdk, but also adds all the tasks, rules, etc. necessary to build a MOE-based application.
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