Help me please! no response from migeran or anyone here

I posted the following topic… I have emailed Migeran 2 times with no response and posted this over a week ago on here.

Do you have Mac around you or in your network ? :sweat_smile:

The tutorial you linked is old. Unfortunately there aren’t many updated tutorials for MOE.

I’m not sure how to help you with the wizard, I never use them, I prefer to write my code directly.

What I can say is that you can link the modules together editing the build.gradle file.

In your case you want to have the “common” module as a dependency for the “ios” module, so open the ios build.grade and make sure to edit the dependencies block like this:

dependencies {
    //other dependencies goes here
    implementation project(":common") //ADD THIS LINE

If you have any trouble please post all your build.gradle files, you should have 4, one general for the project + one for each modules, android, common and ios.