Help, MOE Make Bindings failed!

HI, all.
Our company use this ShareSdk. url =

  1. in the ShardSDK.framework, this is a NSObject named “ShardSdk”. and I import libgdx project use moe plugin “link framework”, and general a ShareSdk.jar.
  2. in the ShareSDKUI.framework, there is a file named “ShareSDK+SSUI.h”.

    and I import ShareSDKUI.framework into project, general a ShareSDKUI.jar. BUT there is no method named “showShareActionSheet” in ShareSDKUI.jar.

Please help me, thanks.
Best Regards.

Dear Tian,

apologies for the inconvenience, but the method you are using to create bindings for ShareSDK is deprecated and will be removed from MOE 1.3 (and is already removed from the betas). Please upgrade your project to 1.3.0-beta-1 and use the new method (*.nbc files).

Best Regards,