Hod do I use the IBOutletCollection annotation?

Has anybody successfully used the IBOutletCollection annotation for MOE?

I’ve been using Kotlin to write IBOutlets like this:

external fun getButton() : UIButton

But I can’t find any documentation or examples for IBOutletCollection - it would really come in handy. Thank you.


Please check samples:

Best Regards,

Hi, Roland

I did look through all of the Kotlin sample projects, and many of the Java samples as well and did not see examples of @IBOutletCollection specifically. If you know of a project that uses it, could you point me there?

To clarify, I have been able to get @IBAction and @IBOutlet working. Those have examples and are very straightforward. @IBOutletCollection seems to require a different usage that I cannot find. I see that the annotation is included in the library, I just cannot find how to use it.