How do I get CGContextRef object while in drawRect(CGRect rect)

I’m using CoreGraphics.CGContextSetLineWidth(context, 3) ,All these functions need a CGContextRef object. But I don’t know how to get this object.

In IOS, the function is UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext(), but I don’t see it in moe.

I can see UIGraphicsRenderContext.CGContext() return this object, but how to get? alloc? init ? while runing , it dosn’t work and Error invalid context 0x0.

Dear @lubo,

All of the methods of graphics worked successfully and i test all method.
First check objective-c code then try it on moe.
And for parameters you need to separate some methods name.
In this case I think you’re answer is :
I haven’t access to my pc right now test it your self.


Thanks for reply, but there is no such class in moe. I think moe lack of JavaDoc, that we totally have no idea which class to use. Only some document with some samples.


These method can be found in the UIKit class:

CGContextRef cgContextRef = UIKit.UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext();

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Thank you very much! You have solved my problem.

I change demo code planet to add these codes.

Thanks, this problem has been solved.