How do I use libGDX with MOE?

Until recently, I’ve used libGDX exclusively in Android Studio but recently, I’ve been interested in developing for iOS as well. I added an ios-moe module to my app in anticipation of developing for iOS and I’ve installed the MOE plugins on Android Studio. However, when I went to the MOE documentation, it said that the article pertaining to libGDX was outdated. I also noticed that the build.gradle sample code in the article was very different from the build.gradle in the ios-moe module. In addition, I’ve also never used Xcode before.

So how do I test my game on an iOS device (real or virtual)? Also, when does Xcode come into play in this process and how do I eventually deploy my app onto the App Store?

Thank you!

Hi FiishCo!

Have you tried to use the setup.jar application from libgdx to generate the project? You might be able to copy the build.gradle file to your existing project then.

Here’s the link for the setup application:

Best regards!