How to generate bindings for Google Maps utils

As I understand Google Maps utils for iOS is not framework and just contains some classes, however it’s dependet on Google Maps framework and so binding fails as it cannot find “GoogleMaps.h”. The generated java classes then fail with internal error. So how it can be accomplished? I have attached used nbc file.
UtilsBinding.nbc (902 Bytes)

Thanks in advance.

Dear JohnFi!

Please try this configuration file:
UtilsBinding.nbc (1.9 KB)
We will added this binding to moe-bindings later.

Best Regards,

Big thanks! Now it’s generated correctly.
However there’s still error inside [GMUClusterItemQuadItem initWithClusterItem]
at point GMSMapPoint point = GMSProject(clusterItem.position); EXC_BAD_ACCESS