How to integrate Xcode .a framework , .h files and .m files in MOE android Studio?

I have to use some pre Defined Class of my own written in Xcode Objective C and .a framework .
How to use these in MOE Project ?

Dear Manjul_Kadyan,

sorry to get back to you so late. Do you still need assistance with this issue?

Yes Kristóf Liliom , I do need some help for this implementation.

Dear Manjul_Kadyan,

the following should work:

  1. If you have a generated project:
    1/a. Open the build.gradle file
    1/b. Add this: moe.xcode.xcodeProjectDirPath 'xcode'
    1/c. Build your project (by running)
    1/d. In your project directory you should see a new xcode directory
    1/e. In the build.gradle file, add: moe.xcode.generateProject false
    1/f. From now on the Xcode project should be committed into version control
    1/g. Optional: add xcuserdata to .gitignore
  2. Open your xcode/*.xcodeproj project in Xcode
  3. Add your native source/header files
  4. Go back to Android Studio
  5. Right-click on your new header file and select Multi-OS Engine > Synchronize to Java
  6. Set the desired package