How to run app on real iphone with windows and emulated mac?

Hello, I have windows, iphone and emulated mac with vmware. I opened project from samples and can’t figure out a way to deploy to iphone or somewhere. I know I need to use remote build, but I am stuck on that. I don’t use mac nether iphone so it is tough for me to use them. On virtual mac I tried set everything like in tutorial pretty much (not sure tho…). But on windows I don’t know what to write in knownhosts or identity, because, then I press “Test” button it gives me error, that file does not exists with name “id_rsa”. So I need to create that? And what I should write there? (I used ssh connection before with simple user and password, but not with some kind of key pairs)


id_rsa is a private key file. Probably the easiest way is to generate it on the Mac using the following command in Terminal:

ssh-keygen -b 4096 -t rsa

When it asks for password, just press enter. Also accept the default path of /Users//.ssh/id_rsa

You need to make sure that the SSH server (called Remote Login in System Preferences -> Sharing) is enabled. You will also need to rename / copy the created file as $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys on the Mac

cp $HOME/.ssh/ $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys

You can check that passwordless login works using ssh localhost command on your Mac.
Then, you need to copy the created id_rsa file to your Windows PC. Please be aware, that anyone who has access to that file will be able to login to the Mac without the password, so you need to protect it accordingly.