I saw OS X in the binding file

Dear All,

from the picture bellow. is that mean that… I can using MOE to build OS X app ? :slight_smile:
How bout Windows ? this is great!


We are already using OSX Nat/J bindings in the MOE SDK, in particular Natjgen uses libclang bindings and the device launcher uses libimobiledevice bindings.

We also generated partial bindings for the OSX Objective-C libraries (e.g. Foundation, part of AppKit). We are currently using these bindings with the Oracle Java runtime and not with the MOE runtime compiled for OSX. This is possible, because Nat/J itself has no dependency on ART, it works with any JNI compatible Java VM.

If there is demand, we would definitely consider providing MOE runtimes for OSX and/or Linux. For Windows, a working prototype was open-sourced by Intel, but it was interpreter only. The new LLVM backend would make it possible to finish the Windows port of MOE, but it would require substantial work, mostly in the runtime library. We would be happy to discuss it further if there is interest in the community.

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Dear Gergely,

Thanks for the reply. YES! I love to see MOE support desktop as well.
Another thing that I would like to see is… create custom control ( either extends OS widgets or whole custom widget ) using MOE. of cause, all this custom widgets probably will not able to utilized xcode anymore. either create a mapping use Eclipse WindowBuilder ( GUI Designer ) or…

I would like to see MOE able to let user create a set of custom widgets some things like Eclipse SWT , a set of OS native controls / widgets extends using JNI.

by doing so, users probably able to create a set of customs controls with common methods for both iOS and Android . same as for desktop.