In app purchase iOS request product callback not working

I am trying to implement In App purchases in my libgdx game. I used the sample here and adapted it to my code.
My problem is that when I call requestProductsWithCompletionHandler nothing seems to happen.

Here is where I initialise the in app purchases:

public void applicationDidBecomeActive(UIApplication application) {


    leaderboard = GKLeaderboard.alloc();

    productsStore = new ProductsStore("IAPHelperProductPurchasedNotification");
    productsStore.requestProductsWithCompletionHandler(new ProductsStore.RequestProductsCompletionHandler() {
        public void callback(boolean status) {
            iosApplication.log(LOG_TAG,"reload status="+status);

    NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter().addObserverSelectorNameObject(this, new SEL("productPurchased:"), productsStore.getIAPHelperPublicKey(), null);

the callback is never triggered.

I figured I had some missing lines in my Main class. Now it is working.