infoPlistPath key in build.gradle

before with intel mos engine i was be able to use my custom “Info.plist” file in the “build.gradle” file like :

// Setup MOE
moe {
    //proguardLevel 'all'
    xcode {
        mainTarget 'My App'
        packageName 'com.mycompany'
        launchImagesSource 'LaunchImage'
        appIconsSource 'AppIcon'
        applicationExitOnSuspend false
        bundleID = ''
        infoPlistPath 'src/main/resources/Info.plist'

but now while trying to run on simulator it throws error to the console:

error: could not read data from ‘/Users/mymac/Documents/Sample/ios/build/xcode/src/main/resources/Info.plist’: The file “Info.plist” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file.

after that error if i try to clean project “moe-sdk-1.1.0” folder contents deleted automatically, then error changes that :

Error:(10, 1) A problem occurred evaluating project ‘:ios’.

Failed to apply plugin [id ‘moe’]
MOE SDK is probably damaged, please remove it manually from /Users/mymac/.moe/moe-sdk-1.1.0

after that to regenerate sdk folder content i have to manually delete “moe-sdk-1.1.0” folder and remove “infoPlistPath” key from gradle file then synch it.

This is very weird. Which commands did you use to clean the project that resulted in the SDK contents being removed?

We can confirm the infoPlistPath bug, we will release a hotfix for that. We could not reproduce the the “SDK content disappears” issue, so we would need more information on how to reproduce it.

here is the scenario:

  1. create new android project
  2. add mos engine module (single view application)
  3. add the line below in the “build.gradle” file for created mos iOS module
    “xcode.infoPlistPath ‘src/main/resources/Info.plist’”
  4. try to run application for iOS emulator, console prints error that could not find Info.plist file
  5. clean the project from the menu ( Build -> Clean Project)
    Boom… content in the “Users/mymac/.moe/moe-sdk-1.1.0” folder deleted.

I use
Android Studio 2.1
Android Build Tools 23.0.3
Java 1.8.0_51
Xcode 7.3.1
Osx 10.11.4 El Capitan

Dear kurul,

The hotfix for infoPlistPath has been released. You might need to run ./gradlew --refresh-dependencies for Gradle to realize there is a new MOE gradle plugin version.
We are looking into the clean issue, thank you for your assistance!

thanks for the quick fix,
i tried there is no error for info file