Intellij Plugin Update?

The last released version of the Intellij plugin is 1.5.2 and it only supports up to Intellij 2022.3.x that was initially released in Nov 2022.

Looks like work was done on v1.5.3 of the plugin to support newer versions of Intellij but it isn’t released yet.

Any idea when the updated plugin will be released?

Hey @barry ,

yes, a new plugin version will hopefully be released soon together with MOE 1.10.0. Currently a few permission/logistical issues need to be sorted out, so I can’t give an ETA at this moment.
Once it is released, an update post will be published to the forum.

Great thanks! Google Play is going to start requiring submitted apps to have been built with API level 34 at the end of August and that will require using Android Gradle Plugin 8.1.1 which itself requires Gradle 8.0.

The current MOE gradle plugin, 1.9.0, does not work with Gradle 8.0+, but it looks like you’ve already addressed this as well- Commits · multi-os-engine/moe-plugin-gradle · GitHub

I’m assuming that the updated MOE gradle plugin will also go out in MOE 1.10.0, so hopefully that will be finished by the end of August.

Thanks again for all the work you’ve done!

Hey @barry ,

I’ve uploaded a new IJ plugin 1.5.3 version to the beta channel ( I also published a new MOE 1.10.0-SNAPSHOT ( If you want, you can give them a try.
You can consider both of them as release candidates.

If you want to upgrade, please remember to run moeUpdateXcodeSettings.